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ATEasy Introduction and How to link LabView VIs to ATEasy test program

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Marvin Test Solutions supplies PXI based test instruments and platforms. ATEasy is the development and sequencing software. As it suggests it is easy to program and to assemble sequenced tests with conditional braanching. ATEasy can also link in other test program code from other sources, for instance LabView VIs, C++, Panther, VBasic and many others. This makes it easy to assemble complete tests using snippets from other tests and ATEasy native language.

MTS have produced some YouTube videos to Introduce ATEasy and to demonstrate Importing LabView VIs. Click the links.

ATEasy 9.0 can also simulate test system hardware, software, DUT, test events and failure scenarios. To learn how ATEasy 9’s full-featured simulation mode can improve your productivity and shorten your time to test click HERE.

For a free 30 day trial of ATEasy go to or click on . Help and support is available vis MTS test community forum M@GIC click to log in.

For more information on Marvin Test Solutions products contact

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