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Lorlin Test Systems join CoreTest

CoreTest Technologies
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Lorlin Test Systems now represented in UK and Ireland by CoreTest Technologies Ltd.

Lorlin Test Systems will test discrete devices and modules at up to 2kV and 500A - higher power available as an option.

Lorlin® manufactures and sells high performance discrete semiconductor testers offering the highest quality standards available at affordable prices. The discrete test systems are designed to accurately verify and check the critical parameters of small signal and power semiconductor components.  The parametric tests include breakdown voltages, leakage currents, gain, saturation voltages, RDSon, on-state, off-state among many others.  The devices tested can be in a single, multi-device array, or hybrid package. such as TO-3, TO-220, TO-92, SOT-23, TO18, DO4, SOIC, DPAK, and any other standard or custom part type. The  high reliability automatic discrete testers, can be used in all testing applications for Transistors, Darlington's, Diodes, Mosfets, JFETs, Power FETs,  Zeners, Rectifiers, Bridges, IGBTs, SCRs, Triacs, Hybrids and Opto-Coupled Devices, ensuring reliable, accurate, and repeatable results. The Lorlin® testers include the most powerfult testing software in the industry and operate under a Windows 7/8® and up 64-BIT OS with a USB 2.0 tester communications interface for the highest performance, speed and accuracy possible.

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