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Mechanical Device Newsletter FEB16
In this issue:
  • MaxTC & FlexTC Compared
  • Thermal Head Interface Options
  • Drivers for Python & MATLAB available
  • Integration with Handlers

Max-TC/Flex-TC Temperature forcing system for thermal IC test
from -65⁰C up to +200⁰C


New Drivers for Remote Control of Systems

To complement our range of drivers we are pleased to announce the introduction of two new drivers of Python and MATLAB for remote controlling your Flex-TC and Max-TC units. Python and MATLAB, along with a full list of drivers, are available for download from our website   


Successful integration with handlers for automatic IC thermal testing in Europe.

Using our new design of square thermal head:

This Square thermal head is ideal for integrating into a device handler.
Thecontrol unit's footprint is very compact and will free up expensive production test floor.
It is fast, responsive and precise.
Mechanical Devices systems can be placed inside the handler cabinet or mounted on a shelf.
Due to its fluid free operation, the system does not pose ANY risk of leaks that are associated with chiller-based systems, which could severely damage expensive test and handling equipment.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance you may require.
We visit customers on a regularly and can stop by for a complimentary consultation.

Thank you for reviewing this newsletter, more will be issued in the future.

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