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Mechanical Devices release MaxTC G3

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Mechanical Devices have up graded the successful MaxTC to MaxTC G3. The new generation 3 system operates from -65 degC to +175 degC (with option to +200 degC) and will cool an 85W load to -40 degC.

As with all MD temperature forcing systems it operates from mains power only, a dry gas can be used as a purge for condensation free operation. The high power capacity will smooth out temperature spikes to maintain +/-0.5 degC stability.

MaxTC G3 uses the same GUI and remote LAN control as the FlexTC and MaxTC Power+. Systems can be mounted to a test head and operated either manually or automatically for quick and easy DUT change over.

MaxTC G3 can be integrated into pick and place handlers for tri-temp operation.

Many jigs and fixtures are available for accurate, repeatable ergonomic operation.

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