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PC Control Board Update

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Marvin Test Solutions have streamlined their range of PC controllers. The GX7936-214096 (3U Single Slot Embedded Controller for GX73xx Chassis. 2.1 GHz i7 Core, 4 GB of RAM) controller has been replaced with GX7937-234096 which is a direct replacement with better performance.
PC controllers for use with Marvin Test Solutions' GX7300 PXI chassis now consist of:
GX7935 - a single-slot embedded cPCI 3U controller. The GX7935 features a 2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.
GX7937 - a single-slot embedded cPCI 3U controller. The GX7937 features a 2.3 GHz i7 Quad Core processor.

The GX7935-2264096, GX7936-214096 and GX7937-234096 controllers all use the same RTM.

To see the full range of PXI test instruments, chassis, controllers and software click on - MARVIN TEST SOLUTIONS - PXI

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