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ULTRA YIELD SERIES Automotive Test Sockets & Contactors

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Equiptest Engineering ULTRA YIELD Series test sockets/handler contactors for automotive and high current applications. Sockets operate from -60C to +200C on Pb and Pb-free packages. Suitable for QFN, DFN, QFP, SO and PLCC packages. All contacts can be designated either as Kelvin or single pin contacts on pitches 0.4mm and above. Current carrying capacity from 5A (100% Duty Cycle) to 70A (1% Duty Cycle) or 150A (1% Duty Cycle with forced air cooling). Sockets are capable of up to 1M insertions and can be direct replacements for your existing socket/contactor.

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David Cutler
2021-02-22 11:12:33
Do you offer Pd as an option instead of Au for the contacts.

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