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Test Solutions Corp

Manipulator / Positioner Summary
5 Test Head Weight Ranges
  • Tintic - Up to 50kG/110 lbs
  • Pilot - Up to 110kG/240 lbs
  • Tushar - Up to 230kG/500 lbs *
  • Wasatch - Up to 590kG/1300 lbs *
  • Saratoga - Up to 910kG/2000 lbs *
* Available in 3 Configurations
  • PT - Dedicated Automatic Prober Hinge
  • VT - Vertical Column with Versatile Movements for Prober and/or Handler
  • FT - Vertical Column with Restricted Movements for Handler
Test Solutions Corp are a USA based company with 25+ years experience in manufacturing and installing test head handling equipment. They are available through our sister compant Test Solutions Europe. TSC manufacture in Malaysia in order to reduce delivery times and costs to off-shore semiconductor facilities. Each positioner is engineered for the target test head and application to ensure it provides the movements and versatility required. TSC have a worldwide distribution network which includes TSE in Europe. Through this network TSE can distribute it's products.
CoreTest Technologies - Joined-Up Test
Member of IMAPS-UK
Member of the FSB
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