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PXI based semiconductor test equipment by Marvin Test Solutions.  MTS provide a range of test instruments and chassis based on the PXI platform to create bench top chassis and production test heads. The complete range can be seen at MTS PXI Instruments it includes instrument cards, chassis and comprehensive development and sequencing software. MTS are a major supplier to the US Aerospace industry and as such provide long term product support. The technical support provided by MTS and its user forum M@GIC is second to none.

Semiconductor Test Instruments include:
TS900/ TS960 Semiconductor test head configured PXI chassis & instruments
GX9296, our flagship i/o card, operates at 125MHz with PMU per pin, dynamicaly configurable per channel voltage levels, i/o switch on-the-fly, formatable vector memory, comprehensive timing measurements plus more features.
GX 1200 Series Arbitary Waveform Generator
GX1642 64 channel analog output
GX2065 Fully featured 6.5 digit DMM
GX56xx Digital i/o card range
GX24xx Digitizer range
GX37xx FPGA based digital i/o range
GX18xx DC Source range
GX61xx Switching matrix card range
GX74xx Power Interface & Prototype range
GX79xx PC Controller card range

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